Hello, I make youtube videos about programming, I also make games, and mods for games. However, the mods aren't actually that good, so I dont really mention it often. I am learning php for my website. I know how to program in Java, Javascript, HTML, CSS, and Actionscript. I currently use dreamweaver for programming websites/js games, and Eclipse for java. I dont use Actionscript often, but if I would I'd use Adobe Animate CC. For editing videos I use adobe premiere, and adobe photoshop for thumbnails/images. I also am really bad at animation, with hardly any experience. I still make some short ones for practice in Adobe Animate, if they ever get ok then I'll upload them to this site too. As for audio, I'd prefer to use Audacity. My youtube channel would be right here. If you want to contact me for no absolute reason, you cant.