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About Me

I program as a hobby, I am currently best at Javascript.
I am looking to get better at other languages, those would be: Lua, C++, and C#.
For the languages I know click here. If you'd like to contact me my email is

About The Website

This website has undergone many changes, and this website has had three themes, and two remodels. The first theme was just a simple list element containing my games, and the title of the website. As I learned more CSS tricks, I decided i'd remodel the website entirely.

About My Current Project

I am currently working on a game, that I will not reveal much from. If you'd like you find out what the game is, here is a screenshot

Website Archive

There are some archives of this website I managed to save. Here are some of them. (The version number doesn't say the actual version, it just says the order they were made. Such as v1, not being truly v1 since I had an older version that was lost in time.)



Exit the Room (Ludum Dare)

More coming soon!



Sorter/List Creator

More coming soon!

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